Dear Mr Brian Krzanich,Regarding the vulnerability viral hype running wild these days at all – Brian Krzanich email address

Radu Pintea sent a message to Brian Krzanich CEO, Intel Corporation email address that said:

Dear Mr Brian Krzanich,
Regarding the vulnerability viral hype running wild these days at all levels of technical knowledge, pointing accusing fingers to INTEL™ products for allegedly security ,,issues,” please allow me to defuse this fake topic and expose its gross trivial, hypocritical (just by being hypercritical) character.
What the general cry is actually blaming? A flaw in the overall design philosophy? A lame architecture? A poor algorithm of setting and revoking some net policy? A damn piece of a hackable machinery? All those people either profane or top notch experts who itch to hurl stones at your CPU state of the art chip which is the most basic fulcrum our entire Age of Internet based civilization is set and is run. Doing so, all those people prove they not only have no respect for one of the truly greatest achievements in the history of mankind, but also miss the true meaning of the broad and large scope of communication and information as these two concepts are not one and the same thing.
People rage against the ready unprotected availability of some data (no matter what) but thats exactly the point of the Net Religion: rough, ready, bare communication for all at all times which is a 2 way information exchange irrespective of the nature of information or its degree of relevancy (noisy or redundant content). (Please, refer to my paper The Nature of Information available at: ) Meddling in, tampering of, toying with sensitive ,,classified” material (in pure communication there is no differentiation between classified and non classified material) is a simple moral issue not a hardware and/or software-based issue. Not a machine is vulnerable to wanton probe (for fun or profit) the moral, ethical shield of man is holed.
These being said, please, mind my words: do not embark in useless crusades that only wastes huge piles of hard earned money and burn out exquisite minds in probing futile deadend pits. You provided humanity with an altar to serve anyone in good faith and good will. Not the altar is technically crippled, but humans are those (not all but some) who are morally flawed. Communication and Confidentiality are the one and single and the utmost contradiction and It has nothing to do with technicalities. It nature is purely human. An humans should better endure the trial on hypocrisy when seeing themselves in the mirror, or at least learn to stand up and face it the best they can.
Digitally and hearfully yours,
Radu Pintea

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