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Dear Mr. Brown

My name is Gemma Cotto and I am the CEO of Protect-All Security Products. Joseph Mazzilli retired detective and president of Protect-All Security Products invented a 360 degree camera built into a rear view mirror. The camera is called the AV360, it is available in an overt version with or without an adjustable zoom and in a covert version, and has optional audio. You can also customize other rear view mirrors with our system (as all car mirrors are different it will depend on what components they house). The camera sees 360 degrees inside and outside the vehicle. Depending on the DVR that is paired with the camera will determine the capabilities of the system. Our DVR for example has GPS, auto download, event recording, motion detection activation, can stream live via the internet and many other features (some features require optional components and cellular data plan.) .We are currently making the second generation AV360 which has a manual, adjustable zoom lens. This new version now adjusts for the drivers height difference. Mr. Mazzilli designed this unit to be on all the time, with the operators option to activate the interior camera, with or without audio. In recent times weve seen where cameras were not activated quick enough, which did not capture the entire event and that is why we recommend our 360 degree exterior cameras, be left on all the time for many reasons. One being to corroborate any footage from an officers body cam and to be the 360 degree silent witness, for all concerned. Depending on the wants and needs of a particular Law Enforcement group, the AV360 could be set up i.e., to be turned on when the light bar goes on or some other trigger. If possible, having the body cam turned on by the same event trigger, would be one less thing the officer has to worry about, during extreme stressful situations. Combining the two would leave no doubt, as to what took place with a 360 degree view. Think about the savings from any false allegations, law suits, demonstrations etc. etc.… In most cases it would pay for itself in the first year. In todays world, the cops are fearful of taking action from even protecting their own life, as we well know. If an officer makes a mistake, it will document that, but better that way, than to be falsely accused of intentionally committing a criminal act. For those less than 1 % of potential bad cops, this is big brother watching, documenting your actions, which will be evidence for the courts and public. The 99 % plus, hardworking members of Law Enforcement, who put their lives on the line, every day, want to root out these bad cops anyway. We currently hold 13 patents in 10 countries, with 3 more counties pending. I know that your body camera which by far is the best on the market, paired with our AV360 rear view mirror camera would be a system that no other could compare to. Our systems are currently being used by Police Departments for overt and covert usage in the private sector and corporations such as Federal Express and by Private Investigators, entertainers, high profile people and the average person who want 360 degree documentation. The units were featured in T.V series Runaway Squad and Bait Car. Many companies have rear view mirror cams but the cameras are either attached externally to rear view mirrors or only have one camera built in which is forward facing. Please view our website for more information at some of our testimonials. The potential for sales worldwide are endless for this product. We are looking for a partnership or sale, to take this product to the next level, because of all the patents we possess. Our goal is to give all consumers the option of having this in their vehicles, from the factories. You can reach me at my office 718-599-5915 Mon-Fri 10-4, I would like to set up a call between Mr. Mazzilli and yourself at your convenience. Thank you for your time.
Gemma Cotto
Protect-All Security Products

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