Dear Mr. Bryant,I have just become aware that Kellogg’s will no longer advertise on – John A Bryant email address

Mike sent a message to John A. Bryant – Chairman of the Board of Kellogg Company – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Bryant,

I have just become aware that Kellogg's will no longer advertise on Breitbart News. That is a decision that is made in the best interest of the company and shareholders. However, when a person or company decides to make a political statement, there may be consequences.

I am a retired 55 year old that was raised on Kellogg's products and have raised and am raising my family on Kellogg's products. I have always thought of Kellogg's as a beacon of American companies, known around the world. When your company came out today and said the 45 million readers of Breitbart are not "aligned with our values as a company", that insulted me personally, as I am a reader of Breitbart news. I am raising my family to be honest, love God, America and be honorable. This, according to your statement is not aligned with the values of Kellogg. I can not imagine what your values are. So, it is with regret that my family and I are no longer going to do business with Kellogg's.

Again, it was not the decision to stop advertising on Breitbart, but that statement made afterwards.

A former customer,

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