Dear Mr.Cahill my name is Daniel I am writing you at 4:54,after – John T Cahill email address

Daniel sent a message to John T. Cahill – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Kraft Heinz Company – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr.Cahill my name is Daniel I am writing you at 4:54,after awaiting for contact from yourself of an appropriate representative to further discuss an incident and I have yet to be contacted.I sent in a letter to Mr.Firestone for you and I stated we could resolve this matter with a settlement to disregard this matter no later than today. I am sure it has been read and I will no longer await for a response from your negligent company furthermore I will be taking appropriate actions.I will be demanding for Deli Fresh ham be pulled off shelves to prevent an outbreak fron your infectious slices of ham.My condition since consuming your product has severely worsened and is causing me unbreable pain.I have yet to recover in the sIightest and will be sure to mention that in court I have never experienced such food poisoning or any food poisoning at all and I am mentally scarrdled from enjoying even sealed product.It is in your best interest to contact me before I am forced to expose your companys negligent conduct I am reachable and at email . If you can personally call me or can come to a settlement agreement between your attorney for the requested amount I will in good faith disregard this incident which has caused me tremendous amounts of suffering and physcological trauma

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