Dear mr. Carmichael, I am experiencing some extreme adversity in dealing with Fifth Third Bank – Greg D Carmichael email address

Stephen sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael €“ Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp  Email Address that said:

Dear mr. Carmichael,

I am experiencing some extreme adversity in dealing with Fifth Third Bank. I am no longer a customer but the situation has manifest itself to the point that I have to contact you in hopes that you can resolve the situation that has developed.

This is regarding a Vantive credit card account which was cancelled. I signed and faxed termination of said services with Vantiv on the day that I was asked to discontinue my business account at Fifth Third bank by your 5th 3rd bank representative.

Please contact me  at your earliest convenience. Vantiv has been charging my account monthly for the past 3 years, that dollar amount has accrued to almost $3,500.

Fifth Third Bank closed my business account and also had me sign paperwork terminating my credit card relationship with Vantas when I received the remaining proceeds in this a business account. Additionally your 5th 3rd bank manager sent paperwork to Vantiv and indicated I would not be charged any additional monies by Vantiv

Each month I am being charged a $30 fee as a "monthly fee" and I am also being charged monthly $44.90 as a "third party" credit card fee. Additionally I've been charged $213.90 each year for the last 3 years as part of an "annual yearly fee" by Vantiv. The dollar amount accrews to about $3,400 give or take a dollar here or there either way.

I have made no charges and have authorized no ACHS from Vantiv or by Fifth Third Bank. If these proceeds are not returned to my account, I will seek litigation and I will also seek damages as a result of the harm it has caused our business.

It is my hope and aspiration that these proceeds will be returned to my account immediately and we will forego any additional business dealings and/or litigation.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience

Very Best Regards,


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