Dear Mr. Carmichael, I am writing to you as a long term customer that is – Greg D Carmichael email address

Thomas sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael – Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Carmichael,

I am writing to you as a long term customer that is experiencing a very frustrating interaction with Fifth third. I have approximately $200,000 of cash in your bank and use your credit card exclusively. I recently requested a $5,000 increase in credit due to some maintenance being preformed in our Florida winter residence. I was denied in spite of having a credit score that ranges from 779 to 789 on the three reporting agencies. Having been denied the increase on my present card your bank issued two new cards (one for my wife and one for me) with the combined credit limit of $35,000. The rational for my requested increase was well explained to my personal representative and was well understood. My questions to you are two fold:
1. If I am a poor credit risk for $5,000 why do I qualify for $35,000 with new cards while leaving the original card active.
2. Based on the frustration in dealing with your people providing "illogical" answers to simple questions as #1 above, why should I entrust you with my yearly incremental $100,00 deposit that I normally make at this time of the year?

I'm don't profess to understand your business but strongly encourage you to investigate my issue further before your banks good name is associated with the likes of Wells Fargo


P.S. I have no debt and own residences in both Florida and Michigan totaling in excess of $2MM

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