Dear Mr. Claure, You say you are going to get Sprint back in the game – Marcelo Claure email address

Denis sent a message to Marcelo Claure- the chief executive officer of Sprint Corporation- email address that said:

Dear Mr. Claure, You say you are going to get Sprint back in the game so I am writing to you as a customer of 12 years to give you some of the reasons people, possibly including myself are leaving Sprint. As a business owner of a oil field hot shot business, my phone is an extension of my body. I am on call 24/;7. So are my drivers. I have a plan with Sprint that I have paid for on time monthly without fail. I have little time to sit around going over my bill to make sure no changes have been made without my permission. Today I discovered that over two years ago when I added a new phone to my plan, insurance was added to the two phones I already had on the plan. I did not ask for this and in fact, the new phone had no insurance because we use the life proof cases that have served me well in my business. I had not had insurance prior to this and suddenly, without my permission it was added!! When I spoke with them at my local store (Longview, Texas) today I was informed it could be removed but there would be no refund for the two years it had been there....unused....without my permission. I had gone into the store to straighten that out but also to upgrade all three of my phones and add another one to my plan. That did and will not happen. It has cost me close to $800.00 for a feature that was added without my permission apparently by some sales associate who seems to be quite use to slipping one in on the customer. For twelve years I have trusted Sprint and never have felt the need to scrutinize my bills because in the beginning I had, only to find Sprint was more honest than most companies. Anything I found in error on my bill was quickly and politely corrected. I have bragged about Sprint and convinced many of my business associates to go with Sprint because of this honesty. But I see that honesty is no longer available to good customers. I have spent thousands of dollars over the 12 years I have been with your company and yet two years of insurance on two of my phones that was not approved by me and will not be honestly repaid by Sprint is enough to cause me to find a company that will be honest with me. Your sales associate said it could be removed but not refunded because Sprint didn't do that!! Because of this, I am taking my thousands of dollars, my always on time payments, my multitude of referrals and will start looking for a phone company that will not approve of phone associates who add features without the permission of the customer, that will refund that customer if that should happen and especially if the customer is a long time customer in good standing and that takes time to listen to that customer and respond. I am very disappointed. I really thought Sprint was a class act company but I am just not sure anymore. I would like to hear from you and can be reached on fb Denis . Thanks for listening. I will continue to try to get this to you via email or even via letter if I can find an address.

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