Dear Mr. Corbat; I hope the correspondence finds you well. I am a card holder – Michael Corbat email address

Pollie Massey sent a message to Michael L. Corbat CEO, Citigroup Inc. - email address that said:

Dear Mr. Corbat;

I hope the correspondence finds you well. I am a card holder for your client (Sears). I have been in correspondence with your Executive response team.

I have repeatedly informed your office that I feel discriminated when dealing with the hostile environment of your team. One member, Tomeka Harris, seems to have taken it upon herself to NOT resolve the problem. She has even gone so far to tell me that I cannot pursue the the matter. How dare she!

I am a consumer that owes no money and never paid late, yet your team has refused to correct an error made by your overseas team in the Philippines. I refuse to allow the lack of customer focus to make me give up.

In March I called and asked for an executive. I was called by Jakob Berkemeier. Mr. Berkemeier approached the call with an air of superiority and privilege. It was evident to me that he no intentions of working toward a resolution. I told him I felt he was operating against FTC guidelines and discriminating.

As a citizen of the US and living in a country where the banks have repeatedly been cited for their illegal discriminatory behavior, it does not take long to recognize a pattern of divisive behavior.

I am writing because I will not have Tomeka or Jakob deny me of my right to pursue correction.

I will send you an email additional information,

P. Massey

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