Dear Mr. Cornell, I know your a busy man but I thought you would want – Brian C Cornell email address

Ann  sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

Dear Mr. Cornell, I know your a busy man but I thought you would want to know how some of your employees treat your customers. Today my girlfriends and I were shopping at the Decatur, Alabama store. We found an aisle with 70% off signs in front of some igloo coolers. I scanned one and it scanned regular price, so I used your red phone to have an associate check to see if they were on sale or not. A young man named Braxton came. He said yes they were and if we had any trouble checking out for cashier to call him. Several people got things from these aisles all marked with 70% signs. When we got to front an African American clerk was being very indignant to ladies who were trying to explain what Braxton had said. Then several more employees came up and basically called us all liars. Then first woman called Braxton a little boy who only works in the back and said that little boy don't know nothing! Then she called a manager named Laurie. Who was polite at first then became very nasty, she too said Beacon wasn't anybody and she would not sell us the products for the ADVERTISED sale price. She said they were not by any sale signs. Thwn a white associate who was LEAVING work came past us saying there was never any sign by those coolers and once again basically called us all liars! We were so embarrassed. Approximately 6 employees and a manager made sure to tell us we did not see signs. I went back to aisles to make sure we HAD seen correctly. We had. I took pictures of the signs with your bar code signs right there. We did leave the coolers sitting. They had to put up 5-6 buggies overflowing with products, not including approximately 8-10 coolers that you could have sold but your employees would not honor the in store advertised price. It will be a long time before I shop there again and if nothing is done about out rude treatment I will make sure every social network knows about today. Thank you for your time

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