Dear Mr. Cornell. I’m writing to you regarding a concern that I had with a – Brian C Cornell email address

Earnestine sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

Dear Mr. Cornell. I'm writing to you regarding a concern that I had with a order. I was told that the target store and on-line ordering were two different busines. While this might be true your revenue is going under one name. Having worked for target for an extensive amount of time. I take pride in shopping at target. I ordered a dresser and night stand for my Dad. Me and my husband transported to my dad who lives in a suburb assisted living facility and took out the box to only find out that it was totally different then what I ordered. It appeared that the wrong item was tied to the stock number. The on-line person realized it when I gave her the item that was shipped.  My problem is ,while Target has gotten me the correct item after 4 extensive phone calls, I asked if I can just go ahead and purchase the item at a discounted amount because it was going to be real inconvienance to get that item packaged again as original package is gone. We had thrown away my dads night stand prior to opening and he had to have a night stand. The person apparently thought I wanted it free which wouldn't be a bad idea given that I have spent at least 3.5 hours of phone calls on this issue. The moral of this issue is the person had no flexibility and told me target would go broke. I'm pretty sure Target want go backrupt on one item. Please tell me who can help we with this on line issue. At this point I'm ready to buy the incorrect item at a discounted amount. I had no guarantee that I was ever going to get the right item. According to the person this item must be returned. Please help me get this problem resolved. I've spoken to tier 1,2 and 3.

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