Dear Mr. Cornell,I have always felt that Target was a family oriented store with – Brian C Cornell email address

Frances sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

Dear Mr. Cornell,
I have always felt that Target was a family oriented store with high integrity and would always shop there knowing and feeling comfortable in supporting your products, employees and different causes that Target promoted.
I was appalled when I found out on the TV media that Target was now promoting products with the name of Kartrashian.
What was your company thinking? Here is a family with not one bit of moral integrity or any integrity at all. Here is a teenage girl driving with one foot out the window of her car (Shown on Inside Edition) Isn't this a good representative of your stores to all her young fans. I believe your store is promoting some cosmetics with her name on it. Then the other products, curling irons with the name of Kim Kartrashian on them, she's posing in the nude with her pregnated bellie on all visual medias Just look up how well Sears did with their products. They couldn't even give them away at 50% plus off. This is how the adult generation think of this trashy family.
I have lost all respect for your company for representing this family. Instead of changing gender names on aisle- ways, I think Target should immediately stop carrying and representing their products and having their name associated with Target.
Hopefully, I will receive a reply to my and a majority
of your customer's concerns.
Best regards,

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