Dear Mr. Craig Jelinek, I have been a member of Costco since the merger of – W Craig Jelinek email address

Pamela sent a message to W. Craig Jelinek – President and Chief Executive Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation email address that said:

Dear Mr. Craig Jelinek,

I have been a member of Costco since the merger of Price Club Costco. (First with Price Club).
For the most part I have been pleased with the customer service.
On Saturday, October 22, 2016 I drove up to the gas station, (where someone had moved aside some of the barriers put in place, to prevent vehicles from entering the gas station from different areas, usually the person working in this area keeps them in place. The only time they are moved is to allow the gas tank trucks to enter the gas station. It was madness, if I had not been caught up in the center of this mess I would have left. I did place a call to this Costco and voiced my concern)

Once I was able to get in line to wait for my turn at the pump....this is were I encountered Costco's worse employee. Because I drive a large truck I did not think it was safe for me to drive around the car in front of me, that was finishing gassing up.
The employee, Oscar, yelled at me to drive around
the car in front of me. I told him I was waiting because I did not think it was safe for me to go around the car, this way I could go straight.
Oscar started laughing, then called out and flagged the vehicle behind me to drive around me. which it did and almost hit me.
I once again called Costco and spoke with a supervisor name Stacie, I told her what had and what was happening, she told me I did not need to go around the car, especially if it was not safe.
Stacie told me employees are not suppose tell me to go around.
Once I finished gassing up my trunk Oscar yelled at me to go around the car in front of me, again. He continued to laugh and yell at me. Because I would not move my truck, he came towards my truck in what I felt a threatening matter, very quickly, making gestures with his arms, to move my truck. I told him I had spoken with his supervisor and was told I did not have to go around the car. He continued to laugh and make gestures. pointing to his name tag and for me to move. The car in front of me was finishing up gassing up their car. As I was getting ready to drive away from the pump Oscar motioned to others around me to move their trucks, which they did....This was very scary. I need to mention the others were male drivers.
It is in my opinion that Oscar was not only very rude, but also unprofessional. He could have started a riot.)
I went inside Costco and spoke with Stacie and Christoper. They were both professional and
listened to my concerns, Stacie told me she would talk to Oscar.
Because of what I had just been through, I felt very uncomfortable and uneasy, so I left Costco without doing any of my shopping.
Costco is very crowded these's not what it use to be..people are rude!
When I got home and told my husband what had happened, he does not want me to shop at Costco anymore.
This incident occurred at the Costco l

A response would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time on this matter.

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