Dear Mr. Creed, I am writing you today about a horrible event that has befallen – Greg Creed email address

James Sanders sent a message to Greg Creed - Chief Executive Officer of Yum Brands - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Creed,

I am writing you today about a horrible event that has befallen into my life. For the past couple years now Ive lived day-by-day struggling to deal with the negative effects my tragedy breathes constantly upon my neck. My horror? I live in a place where the closest pizza hut is an hour away.

Every day that I am forced to order mediocre dominoes, bland papa johns or even the generic cookie cutter pies of the local places (they dont even deliver!) I die a little bit inside. Every time I bite into a pizza crust that is like stale bread instead of a cheese-filed-salted-pretzel, a tear finds its way to my chin. When I find myself slathering a pie in hot sauce to mask the unfathomable lack of flavor, I contemplate just where I went wrong in life and what choices I had made to sink this low.

Now I know what you may be thinking, but I dont live in a small town in the middle of the woods. I live in southeastern Connecticut and this county has a population of almost 300,000. Not a single Pizza Hut. Before I moved here from Tampa Florida I was eating Pizza Hut multiple times a week, now all that keeps me going are my dreams about that sweet cheesy embrace. I am writing to tell you we are currently in the throes of a Dominopoly here. We have no real choice. Please help us find that better choice again. The suffering is vast, what is even more harrowing is we are raising a whole generation of kids who will never even see a stuffed crust until they are grown.

We used to have two pizza huts nearby (New London and Groton) that closed years ago and with them they took my heart. Some say it was because the franchiser was getting out of the business some say it was a delicious pizza-hating poltergeist. However I think the truth they might have been performing poorly. Allow me to explain: they were terribly run. They were dirty, the staff was a less than caring group and their delivery area was either very small or non-existent. These are all very remediable issues and once solved will put pizza hut back on top especially if its a wing street one.

Please consider re-investing in our area. I will personally do my best to give pizza hut all my monies and thereby ensure its success. If not, I feel as though I might perish into a sad pile of dust or maybe an equally sad tumbleweed of some sort rolling by locations of pizza huts past, reminding all what once was.

Thank you for your time

Absolutely begging you,
James W. Sanders IV

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