Dear Mr. Demchak, My old account Dear Mr. Demchak, My old account I have a negative account Balance of $400.00 or so. – William S Demchak email address

MARY  sent a message to William S. Demchak – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The PNC Financial Services Group – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Demchak, My old account  I have a negative account Balance of $400.00 or so. First and foremost, I have been with your bank a long time, 20+ years. You have helped me out in the past. This is a new call for help. On September 18,2016, I was sent by ambulance to the emergency room due to a suicide attempt Due to : #1) work stress, new boss not allowing me to advance to HSS3, even though I passed a civil service test. An added stress is he threatens to demote me in 6 months, I feel he has administrative aspirations, and is using me as an example, a younger person could be hired in my position for half my salary of $64,000.00 plus. #2)My age 90 year old mother has had to be put in a nursing home due to senility, we were very close.#3) My son with ADHD received 2 motor vehicle tickets ,hit and run as well as leaving the scene of the crime.He was sober, but made bad judgements as he was late for work.#4) My other son moved out whom I rely on deeply moved out. There is more but this email can be only so long. I can not return to work until October 31st. I will not receive my state disability for a month or so, so as of now I have zero income. My sons cannot help, nor can my family.I was hacked on my computer by two scammers for about $150.00 total. My account above cannot be closed until my appeal is completed. I went to my local branch. Sherri sweetly assisted me in opening a new account for me. There were three or four withdrawls to my account that went through due to the fact that I was sure I had another direct deposit coming. Well, that did not happen so, my account is overdrawn as I mentioned. I spoke to another bank associate today named Brian who kindly attempted to attain a line of credit to cover the negative account plus give me money for milk bread until my disability comes through. I was again turned down due to my low credit score, which is part of the reason I tried suicide in the first place. My account will eventually close, and go to collections as I am penniless I am praying there is something I haven't thought of that will resolve this matter. Thank you for your time, you are in my prayers.


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