Dear Mr. Dieter Zetsche, I am an extremely frustrated client of Mercedes since 1984 . I – Dieter Zetsche email address

Tom sent a message to Dieter Zetsche CEO, Daimler AG – email address that said:

Dear Mr. Dieter Zetsche, I am an extremely frustrated client of Mercedes since 1984 . I recently bought a Mercedes E 300 4 matic 2012 signature series at your Maple Ontario , Canada location this april 2016. I subsequently had 2 Pirelli P zero nero tires blow out while I was driving on the highway  within days apart.

I returned the tire to Mercedes Maple Ontario location as they both came apart from the tread and the sidewal ...therefore a defect that could have killed me and my family had I not taken a driver course many years ago.

Many months later there is no resolve and was promised that Pirelli rep would review the matter. It seems that the tires are now missing, no rep from Pirelli has looked at them and adding insult to injury after paying $1200.00 for 2 new tires along with the potentiality of my family and I having injuries should I had not safely guided the car to the roadside ...I had been offered a Ludacris offer of $500 compensation iin total.

Apparently no one accounted for the 2 tires at $1200.00, that my family could have been seriously injured, that to date I don't trust the Pirelli tires on my car , that I have been a client since 1984 and no news on whether the tires were defective or that I have defective tires now,

I was hoping to recoup the cost of the tires and potentially some sort of incentive that would see me change all the tires as I now am somewhat concerned and maybe some Mercedes parafanalia for my wife and I to feel somewhat appreciated by Mercede and the bad experience.

I am sorry I had to try and reach you but it seems that you are a very understanding person and that is why the brand is #1 to me , my family and all my friends.

I have all the correspondence on this matter between myself, Pirelli, Mercedes Canada ,Mercedes Benz Maple Ontario if you would contact me I can send it all for your review and considerations.

My name is Tom

I hope you or a key staff member will contact me soon.

Thank you,

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