Dear Mr Ecclestone,Irsquo;m going to be completely honest with you, my name is – Bernie Ecclestone email address

Amy Dunkley sent a message to Bernie Ecclestone President and CEO, Formula One Management Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Ecclestone,

Im going to be completely honest with you, my name is Amy Dunkley Im 34 years old and a mother of three, Riley (16), Billy (4), Paige (2).
Over ten years ago I was diagnosed with a neurological condition called myalgic encephalomyelitis.
This condition causes me chronic pain, headaches, crippling exhaustion, dizziness and severe short term memory problems.
On top of that I have asthma, a hiatal hernia which causes me trouble keeping my food down and I suffer from extreme anxiety and due to this anxiety I barely leave my house, so I have no social interaction with anyone besides family.
My eldest son suffers with dyslexia and learning difficulties.
My partner is diabetic and is my carer.
Due to my illness I dont work.
My father passed away suddenly on 24/12/15 and as his eldest daughter it was left to me to arrange his funeral, a task that I had to hand over to my sister as I was eight months pregnant with my daughter and having complications which ultimately led to me being unable to attend his funeral.
The cost of my fathers funeral has since made me worry about what my children will do when Im gone, and what kind of future they will have.
I have just two passions in life, my children being one and the other is animals which my family share with me.

In the past ten years I have seen a major increase in the exotic pet trade, and major decrease of reliable pet stores.
When I was younger I used to visit the pet shop once a week and I loved learning about all the animals, however now pet shops are more interested in getting a sale rather than educating people on the maintenance and upkeep of animals.
I have noticed on many occasion people complaining about the information they have received from pet stores regarding animals they have purchased.
Also exotic pet stores are far and few between.
So heres what Im proposing, if you could possibly see it in your heart to donate £5000000 this would enable me to purchase a 7 bedroom house which would house me my partner and kids, my partners mother and two younger brothers one of which has crohns.
And land with the house on which I could build an exotic pet centre, which will not only educate pet buyers about the animals they want, but will also be the best exotics Center in the whole of the uk.

I know that youre probably not going to be able to help and if you have read this far I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my email.

Kind regards,
Miss Amy Dunkley

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