Dear Mr. Edwards, I am a customer of Pavilions, one of the brands of Safeway – Robert L Edwards email address

Van Blaylock sent a message to Robert L. Edwards - Chief Executive Officer and President at Safeway Inc. - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Edwards,

I am a customer of Pavilions, one of the brands of Safeway. I am writing you today to inform you of a breakdown in your supply chain at Pavilions. In your hot food deli department at the Marina del Rey and Culver City, CA stores, they have an erratic supply of rib tips that they prepare at the stores. I have been to both stores in the last 2 week about 5 times and they have been out of stock each time. Speaking with both managers of the hot food deli departments, they tell me they are out because your distribution center(warehouse) is not sending them their orders of rib tips. Today, I spoke with Rafaela, the manager of the deli at the Culver City store. She said, I have emailed our warehouse and spoke to them and we have been out of supply for several days which I can attest to. I get the same message from the manager of the deli at the Marina del Rey store. Sir, this should never happen. Someone at your distribution center has dropped the ball and is not doing their job. They should know how many rib tips the stores need in a week and send them to the stores automatically. This is affecting your bottom line because you are losing money and revenue because of breakdown in your supply chain. You and I know this should not be happening. I am frustrated because I cannot buy the rib tips when I want them and the managers of the each deli is frustrated as well. Hopefully, an email or communication from you or your executive team will light a fire under the managers and workers at your distribution centers and they realize they are costing the company money and valuable revenue by not keeping the stores stocked properly. If you need to speak with me, my phone number is 310-245-0168 and my email is Thanks for listening to a concerned customer!

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