Dear Mr. Fettig,I have expressed my opinion before concerning the Whirlpool Cabrio to – Jeff M Fettig email address

Elizabeth sent a message to Jeff M. Fettig – Chairman and CEO of Whirlpool Corporation – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Fettig,
I have expressed my opinion before concerning the Whirlpool Cabrio to various people to find a “fix” for the poor performance of this washing machine but to no avail. I absolutely and unequivolently detest this machine. Would you like someone to take your best Chinos to the laundry where they would rub them together on some rocks for about 50 minutes with very little water, wad them up, wring out the tiny bit of dirty water and then say they had been washed? My clothes all look like rags, the towels frayed, and everything white is now gray. There has been absolutely no savings on a water bill since before the washer. My old Whirlpool still worked when I bought this one. . . I just thought that now that I was old I didn’t want to have a problem. What a mistake that was as it would probably still be working and the thing is since now I’m 82 I can’t afford to change this out and I suppose just have to suffer with it. But I had to write. The last thing I (washed ?) was a brand spanking new pair of pants from LL Bean that did not even get completely wet in the washer (in with a few more items, not alone) Between the wet and the dry spots they looked like they had been tie-dyed. I’ve tried all the cycles to get more water but all I get is more time rubbing together and if I try to stop the machine to restart a cycle to get more water it just drains. I made the mistake one day of wetting a (clean?) tea towel to put over some bread dough I was making and what rinsed out of the (clean?) towel was soapy dirty water. (I have also tried the extra rinse) Obviously none of the designers of this machine ever used it more than a couple of times. I admit it looked like fun and seemed like a good idea to watch this thing for awhile but that was before it had a chance to destroy the clothes. I’m lucky I don’t have a bunch of sweaty workout clothes or some little boys that play football or a guy that does hard dirty work. Now that I’ve spoken my mind somewhat you’d think I’d feel better but I don’t as I’m waiting for a load of clothes to dry and in it are some items that I will have to iron because they were so wadded up in the washer on a gentle short cycle. I certainly hope that your design team has ditched this machine and this idea and gone back to something workable. I’ll certainly beware if the next Whirlpool idea is to wave a magic wand over the laundry and pronounce it done. And I would also suppose that this has never reached your desk or possibly not even been read but at least I tried. Unsatisfactorily yours,

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