Dear Mr. Fields: I doubt this will ever be read by you but at 70 – Mark Fields email address

Fred T. Angelilli sent a message to Mark Fields - President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Dear Mr. Fields:

I doubt this will ever be read by you but at 70 years of age I feel the need to reach out to someone and take the chance on being considered naive.

I have purchased over twenty vehicles in my life and have worked in human services for forty-six years. I think this gives me some insights that I would like to share with you.

Ford has had three iconic breakthroughs with model introductions. The Firebird, Mustang, and Explorer each created a distinct niche that in some ways Ford continues to enjoy to this day. Each of these models provided excitement and utility for distinct populations at a fair price.

I believe Ford could once again create the magic of the three models already mentioned if Ford were to introduce a Jeep-like vehicle at a price of $23,000. Specifically it should be a smaller, lighter version of the Wrangler. Consider the Geo Tracker as an example. This was a great vehicle crippled only by the off-brand moniker. Roll up windows, AC, and 4x4 (not on fly but turned hubs) as standard equipment would get a lot of attention.

Jeep is quickly out-pricing the Wrangler. Also they are heading towards a distinctly luxury market such as the Range Rover. If Ford used bin parts
(Focus drive train, sixteen inch wheels) and kept options to a minimum the $23,000 price is doable.

Limit design to two doors, three colors (red,white, blue), black soft top, and even just auto trans, and things become manageable. Trust me, younger people, and older people would love this vehicle. Consider the PT Cruiser, it was introduced as a car for young people but seniors bought them in droves.

An affordable, less bulky, more fuel efficient jeep-like vehicle would once again create excitement for Ford and create that desired niche market.

Remember, Ford cant compete noise to noise with Jeep concerning the Wrangler. That market is already assured. However, by creating their own market Ford would have a hard time keeping up with demand.

Call the Ford vehicle the COYOTE, and have Jeff Bridges do the voice overs for advertisements and get ready for another iconic vehicle in the Ford garage.


Fred T. Angelilli
169 Happy Indian Lane
Southern Shores, NC 27949
tel: 252-261-4024

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