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Christopher sent a message to Mark Fields President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Dear Mr Fields
I am the owner of a 2013 Mustang with the 3.7 liter V6 engine. Previously I owned a 2007 Mustang. I had planned the purchase of the new 4 cylinder Mustang in the spring but current problems having service work done at my dealership may cause me to rethink the purchase.
I had noticed a small coolant leak and brought my Mustang to the service department at Sayville Ford on December 8th ,where the vehicle was purchased. They determined that the car needed a new water pump but none were available and the back order would take until December 22. Twelve days to get the needed part, and this was not definite but they hoped it would arrive.
I felt this was unacceptable, the repair was covered by my extended service plan. I placed a call to Ford Customers relations at their 800 number and explained the situation. A case number was assigned and passed on to Jason Lyczkowski who was to resolve the problem.
Jason informed me via e-mail that my only recourse was to get a rental car for 10 days under my ESP because all 22 loaner vehicles at Sayville Ford were spoken for.
Later the same day I received a phone call from the service rep at Sayville Ford saying they had gotten the needed part ( water pump) and the car would be ready the following day December 9th or worst case no later than Thursday the 10th. Great the problem resolved.......not really.
The next day somone called from the dealership and informed me the part was un available and on back order and I would have to rent a car. I purchased a Ford Mustang and NOW I AM DRIVING A FORD FOCUS!
Recently Sayville Ford had extensive renovations to their showroom, service bays and waiting room. What good is a shinning new service and parts department which stocks no parts. The mustang is a highly produced ford car yet simple replacement parts are un obtainable in a timely fashion, this is no way to run a business and Henry Ford would agree.
I understand that Ford deals with outside vendors for the parts,perhaps new vendors are needed as in this age of overnight sales on most any item a twelve day delay I am sure you will agree is ABSURD.
I realize that your position places many demands on your time and this may seem trivial in the grand scheme of running a corporation but clearly customer satisfaction is no longer job one at ford.

Yours Christopher
PS my mustang is my pride and joy as well as my sole means of transport to work daily. This situation is quite in convenient.

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