Dear Mr. Fields, It was 1978, saw this guy with a MachI, he was – Mark Fields email address

Cynthia sent a message to Mark Fields – President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Dear Mr. Fields,
It was 1978, saw this guy with a MachI, he was cute, but the car!! Wow,it was a car I would dream about for years. Now I'm "a bit" older, looking for a car and it was now or never, for my Mustang. Looked at the 2015's, as sadly so many others are awaiting airbag replacements. A few dealers were less than helpful,but I perceivere, and will find the one I want.
But this letter is more to voice a "girl's" opinion re design. I know the Mustang is know as a muscle car, well ladies have muscles also. Too many of the cars, the v6, are all black interiors. I know black is a classic color, but it could also be depressing, and not allow the vehicle to feel spacious, and lend to a sense of happiness when you drive. As well it should. When I looked at the Fiat, I noticed the inside roof was a light color which I found very appealing about the car. Another observation about the Mustang is where the speakers are located,on the side panel of the windshield. You want the music to be enjoyable and easy to hear, but not "in your face" as you drive. I feel in the side doors and in the back would be a more conducive spot for them. Thank you for your attention to this and I continue on my quest for my Mustang. Oh, one more thought -please put the logo back on the lower part of the door. I always found that to be very cool.


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