Dear Mr. Ghosn, I am hoping you can help or direct me the person who – Carlos Ghosn email address

Vladimir sent a message to Carlos Ghosn President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. – email address that said:

Dear Mr. Ghosn,

I am hoping you can help or direct me the person who can help. To make long story short (more details below), at Infiniti of Claredon Hills, Illinois I was sold Infiniti Q50 without the options which were promised during negotiation specifically driver assist. I contacted the dealership owner Mr. Karallus who promised me to resolve the issue but later on refused to do this.

The reason for this claim is the dealership Infiniti of Claredon Hills, IL sold me not the car they promised. The car which was negotiated should have driver assist options, the car I ended up with does not have.

When on September 30, 2016 I entered the dealership, the dealer - Steve was waiting for me by the entrance. He immediately tell me how lucky I am that came on this day, because this is the last day of the month and I will be getting the deal I would never get if I would come any other day. He told me that I need Q50 Premium if I would like to have the options I am looking for. He showed me the car in the parking lot, did not take for the test drive. When we were sitting in the car he explained to me that the car has all the options I am looking for specifically the driver assist. He was eager to sell me the car and was telling everything I would like to here. Since I’ve got the information that Q50 Premium has the options I am looking for I ask Steve to bring me the invoice so I can make sure that I am buying Premium. I checked the invoice, it was Premium. I kept asking the question about the options and numerous times get the same answer. After we agreed on the deal I call my wife to join me in the dealership. She came after work, she did not like the white color I chose and I ask if another color is available. Steve told that another color the same model is available. When we signed the paper it was past 10pm on Friday September 30. As soon as left the dealership on the new Q50 I found out that the car does not have the options I was promised. My initial thought was that they disconnected in the programming and early Saturday morning I went to the dealership where I discovered that this is not a programming, the car does not have these options. On Monday I contacted the dealer Steve, who told me "you bought the car it is yours" and hanged up. I sent several emails but never got respond.

Steve has 18 years of experience, he knew exactly what he is doing, he has seen many customers and figured out that I am the person he can take advantage of and he did it without hesitation. He was saying I did not ask, this is not true, I asked numerous times, this was the main reason I have chosen this car. Again, Steve is experienced dealer, he should have gone over the package and clearly explain what is included and what is not included. He is saying I did not ask which is not true. Is this the dealer’s essential job to go over the package with the client to make sure the client clearly understand what he is buying? Steve never mentioned that car does not have driver assist options.

Steve committed fraud. I called the dealership owner Peter, initially he promised to help but on the next day he said that I would need to pay $3,000 if I would like these options. I told him that the car I supposed to get for the price we agreed should have these options and I am not going to pay extra. I told him that I would like to return the car for the full refund or he should give me the car with promised driver assist options, he said NO.

I really need your help to get me the car I was promised.

Thank you,

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