Dear Mr Ghosn Please help me with this the westway Nissan dealership in coventry in the – Carlos Ghosn email address

Simon sent a message to Carlos Ghosn – Chairman and CEO, Renault – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Ghosn

Please help me with this the westway Nissan dealership in coventry in the uk are not delivering the correct brand standards and are doing nothing to resolve this , as a long standing Nissan driver I need your help please . I have put below the letter I wrote to the ceo after getting the cold shoulder by the sales manager at the branch who in essence told me to sort it out myself

Please help me

Dear Niall
My name is Simon Prior and need your help to resolve a major issue

Last year I purchased 2 cars from your Coventry Nissan dealership , one for my wife ,one for my daughter

I even wrote to you to say that I had good service , un known to me at this point I was totally unware of the fact that they had registered my daughters car to the wrong address , admittedly my daughter being her first car she didn’t realise that she by now should have had this back and it was only prompted by the fact she had been caught on a DVLA car van . When I asked her to find the V5 I established she had never received it and have since found out you taxed the car a month earlier and the tax was expired

We contacted the DVLA who have indeed confirmed that my daughter car was not registered to her at our address but for some reason to another address which they wouldn’t not disclose.

My wife rang your dealership Thursday last week , they told her they were busy and would call her back – they didn’t

My wife rang your dealership and again was told they were busy they were on a confercall and would ring her back – again no call back but were more interested in their confercall – I thought the customer came first

Saturday I got through to a sales person and he eventually put me through to Mike the sales manager , I explained to him

That my daughters car had been registered to the wrong address , he initially disputed this could happen , to make matter worse he confirmed that cars are taxed from the day you pick them up so the car would be taxed to the end of april .

My daughter picked the car up on may the 3rd 2015 so the tax should have been from May infact the car had been taxed a month earlier so in essence my Daughter had been driving illegally for 6 weeks and the tax had run out at the end of march now picked up on the DVAL tax surveillance vehicle .

Mike assured me he would looked into it as he couldn’t access the file due to the file being locked in the part department – a bit odd don’t you think , a sales manager shut out of the files because the parts man decided he wanted to go home, either way he assured me he would ring me back Monday around midday we agreed with the details

Mike eventually rang me back at 6.37pm YES 25 to 7PM telling me he had been busy and was just knocking a few calls off….when I protested at his lack of follow up he was quite oblivious to the situation but has confirmed YOU have indeed registered the car to the wrong address and tax it a month early.

Do you think it reasonable to ring back at 6.35pm when he had all day ….he quite obviously didn’t give a hoot about contacting me

Mike solution is “I will pay for the tax” …….again I find your solution to this unacceptable , when I told mike I am not happy with his manner or resolution to the problem and told him he needs to come up with the better solution and may need to think about it more seriously and ring me back tomorrow he gleefully told me its his day off…….in other words not his problem

Can I remind you
You registered the car incorrectly
You taxed the car too early
You told my daughter the car was tax till may this year when she purchased it

Are you really happy with this type of dreadful service or should I say lack of service .

I want to know what you are going to do to sort this out merely fobbing customers off is not going to wash this is a serious situation of which you need you play your part or resolve or have the colleagues taken the company into their own hands and are happy to run the company into the ground while the “big cheese” sits on the side lines allowing this to happen

I can’t believe this is Nissan brand standard and feel shocked you and your team are not doing everything possible to resolve this issue , that you see customers as a hindrance rather than your next loyal customer and surprised that your team feel comfortable not taking appropriate action to help us resolve this or at the very least pretend you are trying to help

So Niall I need to know what you are going to do to sort this out


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