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Dear Mr. Gilbert I just heard that LeBron announced that, apparently because he – Daniel Dan Gilbert email address

Tom sent a message to Daniel “Dan” Gilbert – chairman and founder of Rock Ventures – email address that said:
Dear Mr. Gilbert:
I just "heard" that LeBron announced that, apparently because he thinks everyone cares what he thinks, that the Cavaliers would not stay in a Trump Hotel when they play in NYC tonight or tomorrow.

Does he carry that much influence that he can say that? I would think that as owner, that's your call. It's nice he makes $44M/year just in salary, not bad for someone who has a high school diploma and no college credits. Personally, I was a fan of the Cavs but these spoiled athletes disgust me. I had to endure Obama for 8 years, he can do the same as me ignore Trump concentrate on basketball. I could go on but you get the point (if you actually see this). You have your work cut out for you employing these spoiled, out-of-touch, athletes.

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