Dear Mr. Glass,I am writing to you because I am not very pleased with – Dennis R Glass email address

Natalie sent a message to Dennis R. Glass – President and Chief Executive Officer of Lincoln National Corporation – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Glass,

I am writing to you because I am not very pleased with your company at the moment. I am a single mother of 3, currently going through a divorce, and live paycheck to paycheck. My company (Inspira Health Network) utilizes LFG for our 403B plans. Before we used your company, we were with Diversified. I obtained 4 loans (one of which is paid off) through Diversified. They then, obviously, rolled over to LFG. My husband and I separated in September, 2015, and it has been an ugly situation. I called LFG a couple times since then, concerned about my loans, and paying them back. I was informed that they would not default until their due dates in May. Approximately 2 weeks ago I received the default notices (AFTER they defaulted in APRIL). With my home situation not being the best, I don't always get my mail. It has been a domestic hell for the past 7 months. Needless to say, as soon as I did receive the default notices I sent in a bunch of checks. Some were currently dated, and some were post-dated. I will be honest - I was not nice in the letter I sent to your company. I basically stated that these are my checks, and these are the dates they can be cashed, and that your company will change my status back to active, and I will continue the quarterly payments. I purposely spelled out a specific ledger stating the dates they can be cashed for a Reason. The REASON being is that the money would NOT be there if they attempted to cash them early. WELL, guess what your company did! They cashed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE CHECKS! Guess what that left me! NO MONEY FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK, AND A BUNCH OF OVERDRAFT FEES!!! I am currently withdrawn over $1,000.00 in my bank account because your company did not abide by my request. My bank called me today and told me how far under I was in my account. I do not get paid until Friday, so I cannot do anything about it. I called LFG and I spoke to a lovely woman named Megan. As angry as I am with your company, I could not bring myself to get upset with her, as none of this is her fault. She did inform me that since my loans were all in the "DEEMED" status, that I will now be taxed and penalized for all of them. She said they were most likely reported to the IRS and that I would be receiving a 1099 for them. Listen, this is MY MONEY. There are extenuating circumstances here, and I need this all adjusted. This is what I am requesting from you, and this should actually be very easy for you to accommodate me. First of all, I am printing out my bank account ledger, and I expect a check in the amount of all the overdraft fees caused by the deposit of the post-dated checks. Secondly, I am requesting that my loans be switched back into active status, and this situation removed from the IRS. I don't care if it takes a letter from you to the IRS explaining the situation. I am not paying taxes on my own money. I took them as a loan, and unfortunately, I had a hardship that has caused me to fall behind. I will be sending payments to you biweekly, for each loan, so I don't have to pay the lump sums all at once. That is what I will do on my end. I need you to agree to my requests. PLEASE respond to me via EMAIL, ASAP. If you feel that you cannot help me, then I will have to take this matter to my human resources department, and they can determine if they want to continue to use LFG as our 403B carrier. Thank you in advance for your time.


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