Dear Mr. Greenstein, I am writing to you as I have been on the phone – Scott Greenstein email address

TRACEY sent a message to Scott Greenstein – president and chief content officer of Sirius XM Radio – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Greenstein,

I am writing to you as I have been on the phone with Sirius XM customer service for over 1 hour. Two phone calls speaking with 4 different people (Joie, Robert, Jade and Jimmy) and not one was able to help me or put me on hold for more than 45 minutes and never got back to me or hung up on me.

My situation is as follows….I called today to cancel my subscription for my 2013 Nissan Rogue because I just purchased a 2016 Nissan Rogue. I was told I have 3 accounts. Impossible… should be just two….the 2013 Rogue and the trial subscription for my 2016 Rogue.

Not only am I shocked and surprised that I was told I still have my 2010 Nissan Rogue My Radio Account still open, my 2010 Rogue account was cancelled when I purchased the 2013 Rogue.

In essence, I have been charged for my 2010 Rogue from 12/1/13 to present, 6/1/16. Per Robert, he said I was charged for my 2010 Rogue at $89.94 for 6 months, $109.61 every 6 months which totals $657.66 that I would be reimbursed.

By the time I was transferred to Jimmy, he said I would not be reimbursed for that amount for my 2010 Rogue. I am appalled and disgusted with your customer service and this is why I am writing to you.

I expect full reimbursement of $657.66 for my 2010 Rogue as Robert noted and said I would receive a check within 5-7 days.

Please do the right thing and show me some respect after being a loyal customer all these years.


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