Dear Mr. Greg Creed Hello. My name is Tipvadee I’m Thai. I would like present – Greg Creed email address

Tipvadee sent a message to Greg Creed – Chief Executive Officer of Yum Brands – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Greg Creed
Hello. My name is Tipvadee  I'm Thai. I would like present "Thai style pure chili sauce!!". It's real Thai old era spicy sauce with hot and spicy, sour and a little sweet in one sauce. It's very nice with pizza. In some groups of population who like to taste hot food or find a new taste. This is very nice. I already try my sauce with seafood pizza and it's delicious!! I also ask many friends and peoples i know to taste it and they really like it. It make me gain an idea to present my hot seasoning sauce to your company. We ready to send some sample for seasoning sauce for you to taste it for free if you are interest. After taste, if you like my sauce.I'm glad to make it for your company. Make for your company without send to other companies. If you are interesting to try please contact me and let me know. If not i'm really sorry to disturb you.


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