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Dear Mr Greg D. Carmichael, I am writing you on behalf of an account that – Greg D Carmichael email address

Patricia  sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael – Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Greg D. Carmichael,
I am writing you on behalf of an account that I have been paid in full but still have your attorneys and collection attorneys contacting me and harassing me as well. I sent 5Th 3rd requests to stop calling me and they continue. I have every call documented!. 5th 3rd sold my acct to Markoff law a horrible firm with bullet proof windows. They have continued to harass me even when my mother was dying!!!!! I have filed a federal lawsuit against 5th 3Rd and Markoff because of this!!! Your company has not tried to settle with me or reached out and lied and told the judge they have. I am now going to ask proof of this because I have agreed to settle this and stop my federal suit if 5th 3rd/ Markoff drops the civil suit. I cannot understand why a CEO would waste money and more money paying attorneys more and more money to defend a suit for 10,000 that was paid in full anyway!!!! 5th 3rd is being taken advantage of by their attorneys and this is why I am personally emailing you! I am willing to drop my federal suit against 5th 3d only if you drop the civil suit. Otherwise it will be dragged along and you will pay more and more fees and then we go to a settlement hearing and at that point I may change my mind about dropping this because of all the aggravation and proof of harassment I have against you! Please let me know what you would like to proceed. Thank you Patricia

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