Dear Mr Hainer Please can I ask for your personal support to drive this position application – Herbert Hainer email address

PEPE sent a message to Herbert Hainer Chief Executive Officer of Adidas AG email address that said:

Dear Mr Hainer

Please can I ask for your personal support to drive this position application within Adidas forward? I know that you are constantly striving to get the very best teams in place to drive product and associated sales forward globally!

My brother in law, Geoff Webster is currently the Group Operations Director for the Athlete's Foot both for Australia New Zealand, its the biggest performance footwear retailer in the region and the largest retailer of Running shoes in the market.

He is actively seeking the appropriate next career move, given his background and skill set I think that his contribution to one of the roles that you're currently recruting for could be invaluable.

Both Geoff and Ryan Taylor, your Category Director BU Running, recently caught up and Ryan had mentioned that there were a number of BU Strategy roles being recruited within Adidas at Herzo. In addition to this Geoff has set up a meeting with Steve Castledine your Pacific GM on a similar vein.

Geoff, did indeed forward his CV for consideration to Micheal Stopps, back on the 29th of November 2015, and to date has yet to hear back from Micheal or his department.

I believe passionately in constantly ensuring that the very best people are recruited in driving forward the ambitions of any Global corporations, to this end I have attached Geoff's CV and would greatly appreciate, if you could add weight to this application, as Geoff would really appreciate a chance to discuss this or any other opportunities within Adidas Global

I appreciate that we all have time constraints in our day, as such a million thanks again in taking time out to view this mail, I shall be indebted and immensely grateful to you in moving this application forward

All the very best to you and your team for the festive season ahead.

Kindest regards


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