Dear Mr. Henslee, I am your average joe blue collar car junkie, before oreillys bought – Gregory L Henslee email address

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Dear Mr. Henslee,
I am your average joe blue collar car junkie, before oreillys bought out checker, i built my first car from checker auto parts a 1961 ford falcon. since then I acquired a 1951 hudsonwith a 1970 cad 500 th400 trans ford 9 running that beast down the road. I wrecked the hudson 3 years ago and have been working on a 1948 dodge. In all the years of hitting different auto parts stores, due to the selection of parts only available from certain sources (napa is the go to for vintage mopar) of all the time I have spent in car parts stores one really stands out. We have all laughed and joked and made memes about the auto stores needing the engine size for wiper blades or what transmission for the ball joints that are needed. My fav to toss at the counter guy is its for a 1938 Phantom Corsair ora 1925 rolls royce round door. When it comes to feeding my passions and desires for car fun Tempi that runs the Oriellys on 7800 south 3200 West in West Jordan Utah, stands out as the absolute best parts store manager of all time. I have had a great relationship with her for a number of years due to my random but consistent dropping by for parts. She has also gone out of her way to help with donations for my car clubs car show. Today she went way above and beyond, I had my daily break down while at work and sent the wife to grab a battery. My wife was having trouble with the the battery selector and Tempi asked if she needed help and not knowing she was my wife went out of her way to help. Tempi even carried the battery out to her car for her. As a blue collar shade tree mechanic that does hard work for fun, such customer service is beyond the norm. I know Tempi would bend over backwards for me, but to do that for my wife who she doesnt know is beyond awesome! Im not asking for a riase for her, I know how those work. I just want you to know that its people like Tempi that make me go to Oriellys first above all ( unless I need parts for a 40s dodge engine).

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