Dear Mr Hirai, I used an Experia Arc S for over 5 years which gave – Kazuo Hirai email address

Steve sent a message to Kazuo Hirai President and CEO, Sony Corporation that said:

Dear Mr Hirai,
I used an Experia Arc S for over 5 years which gave me good service, so much so, when it came to looking for a new mobile I went for the Z3 on the basis of having such service from my Arc S which incidentally I still have.
The Z3  I replaced it with has now had a cracked screen for the third time in just over 12 months. As with the Arc S it has always been in a protective wallet and never been dropped. I look after my phone as a 61 year old should.
I am furious that this has happened once again, whilst in my pocket in it's case. This is just a joke, the first time, I thought I must of done something wrong, the second time it really annoyed me as I knew it was not my fault. The third time, I cannot tell you how angry I am, particularly when I have sent it to Sony repair and they are telling me it will cost me another £130 and wiping off my data that I specifically asked them to keep as my son died on 4th Nov 2015 and pictures and texts are on my phone that I cannot replace.
This is completely disrespectful of a company that I held in high esteem. You have let me down and if the CEO of the company cannot sort this out it's a poor do. I hope you can but failing that I will never buy Sony ever again, my confidence in Sony is at an all time low.

Yours respectfully

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