Dear Mr Hiroyuki Yanagi I am writing to you because I could have been one – Hiroyuki Yanagi email address

Marcos  sent a message to Hiroyuki Yanagi President and Representative Director, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. that said:

Dear Mr Hiroyuki Yanagi,

I am writing to you because I could have been one more of your delighted Yamaha customers. Sadly, I have to say I am on the exact opposite side. I am writing form Buenos Aires, Argentina. After 6 months of exercising too much patience on my side I have at last given up. I bought a Yamaha F115, outboard motor you surely know, and since november when I bought it, after only 9 hours of use!, have been having nothing but troubles. Five times I had to be towed back home in the river with my family, the engine does not work, it has some type of problem with the fuel pump, and the worst of all is that Yamaha Argentina is not doing anything about it. I am fed up with the situation, At this point I want my money back unless there is some other way you, who I know cares about customers, can sort this quickly out for me!!! I bought the motor and the boat to enjoy my free time in the river with my wife and 5 kids, and it is 5 times know that my family has come back home scared and crying because of bad experiences in the river.

I look forward to your quick response. Best regards.


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