Dear Mr. Hudson: I am one mad consumer! I have been on a letter writing spree – Clifford Hudson email address

Mary Howard sent a message to J. Clifford Hudson Chairman and CEO, Sonic Corp. - email address that said:

Dear Mr. Hudson:

I am one mad consumer! I have been on a letter writing spree to CEOs of several different companies expressing my disgust for their employees attitude and lack of respect for the customers as well as the companies/stores they are employed by, and for themselves. Bottom line, the failure lands on the company. They lose customers, the store loses business, and the community eventually loses the store.

I wont bore you with the true life horrors I have been recording in my hometown of Georgetown, KY - but there are some doozies! This morning, as I was driving to work, contemplating my reply to a recent back and forth exchange to Lowes, I realized that the stress was hurting my health. I thought how the last few weeks had been nothing but stress. There must be one good business in Georgetown.

Immediately, one of your employees, Summer, came to mind. I dont know this ladys last name, but she has worked at the Georgetown, KY Sonic for a few years at least. Every time I have gone through the drive through, and she has been at the window, it has been a pleasant experience.

Summer says hello with a sincere smile. She says please and thank you and I hope you have a nice day. She has a happy demeanor and she just puts you in a good mood. I have heard my coworkers at my office say good things about her. She stands out that much.

I drove 10 minutes out of my way to get breakfast at Sonic this morning because of her. She was there at the drive through. I told her how much I appreciated her and her pleasant ways. But I hope you will tell her also. Please dont just tell the store manager, tell her!

I guess my town has grown too big, too fast. I am 52 and have lived here most of my life. As it has grown, the large chains and franchises have taken over. We, like most towns along a major interstate, have a rapidly growing drug problem in our community. The schools have not kept up with the growing population and class sizes are too big. Parents are never home anymore and the lack of responsibility among them has infected their children. I realize its hard to find good employees. Most places will just take anyone who can pass a drug test the same day. Im not saying that is your standard, but it is for a lot of businesses here.

Summer stands out for the right reasons. I wish she didnt. I wish she were the “normal” for the people I have to encounter every day. Most of the people I have been writing about stand out for their lack of simple logic, lack of responsibility for the position for which they are being paid, lack of respect, or lack of manners. Then there are those who cant pull their pants up, those who come to work looking and acting like they just climbed out of bed, who have freaky piercings or face tattoos that make me twinge because it looks painful or just dirty. Im not saying all tattoos and piercings are gross, but whether you will admit it or not, you know what I mean. Then there are the ones who gauge their ears and you can see the brown, rotting flesh, on the inside of the hole. You are afraid to breathe because you know it has to smell… Anyway, I appreciate Summer.

I am going to post this on Facebook and I hope all of my friends will acknowledge if they too have encountered her and noticed her. I hope they go to Sonic and tell her and then I hope they tell you.

It seems like the larger a company is, the less they care about the individual consumer. Our complaints dont seem to make a difference most of the time. So if I cant change the companies, maybe I will try changing the people in my community. So please, tell Summer and every other employee you know that makes your life pleasant. Tell them in front of their coworkers and then tell their bosses. Make everyone want to be that employee.


Mary Howard

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