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Dear Mr. I have bought UE55JS7200UXTK model with serial number TV on 28 February – Lee KunHee email address

okan sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Dear Mr.
I have bought UE55JS7200UXTK model with  serial number TV on 28 February 2016.
Not long after I bought the TV, I have seen shadiness and cloudiness on the TV’s screen. Photos are attached. (pic. 1-2-3)
In this matter, I called authorized Samsung Service on july 2016.
Service person said that there is no problem and did not do any work.
But problem did not stop and on 23 September 2016, I called service again.
Samsung service took the TV on the date 24 September 2016 for maintenance.
And later on the day of 03 October 2016 they brought back my TV indicating that they repaired it.
Same day I realized that the problem was continuing , photos are attached, and I saw that they just played with software of the TV hoping to prevent the problem. Photos are attached. (pic. 4-5-6)
On 03 October 2016 I called service dealer again.
Samsung service took the TV on 04 October 2016 one more time for repair.
At this time They said the panel must be changed and they changed the panel and returned the TV to me.
After my inspection, I have seen the shadiness and cloudiness was occurring on the different part of the TV’s screen. Photos are attached. (pic. 7-8-9)
On 03 November 2016 from web page, and 04 November 2016 from a telephone number , I told my complaints.
They told me that service will not come again to take the TV and that authorized dealer will call me. But that call never came, and I have waited for 3 weeks, no one called me and I CALLED BUT nothing happened.
On my last call, I explained the situation one more time very seriously.
On the date of 24 November2016 Samsung authorized service came and took the TV one more time.
After all these incidents , my trust on Samsung completely disappeared.
For this reason I demanded my money back.
But for asking my money back, I got no solution yet.
I am writing this complaint letter to you because of these troubles occurred to me for months and months.
In my hand , I have two cellular phone, two tablets, one blueray, player, one 22 inch TV and one washing machine ALL FROM SAMSUNG that I am still using.
After all these, You have just lost a good loyal customer.
I am sharing all these things happened to me on the internet and among my friends and people whom I know because of your companies’ service and dealers’ treating me this badly.
With all these happened to me , I am hoping that it will create an awareness for your customer service satisfaction and for your companies’ reputation. And maybe you will do something about services in Turkey.
With the hope of good service and quality of yours.
Best regards.

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