Dear Mr. Jackson,My newly-bought Mercedes was supposed to have under 20 miles on it – Michael J Jackson email address

Gene Van Praag sent a message to Michael J. Jackson Chief Executive Officer of AutoNation Inc. Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Jackson,
My newly-bought Mercedes was supposed to have under 20 miles on it when I acquired it, but was delivered with 95. It evidently was abused, because the plug-in evaluator in the dealer service department now, after only 650 miles, shows up to a half-dozen bad codes, with at least one replacement part needed from Germany. Im now driving a C-class loaner until my $162,500 "new" Mercedes is "fixed", if actually fixing it is possible. Perhaps Im looking forward to a valve job after 50,000 miles If showroom demo-I got abused it. The car was sold to me untitled, pretending to mechanically be new. Although mistakes are made, its hard for me to believe the Autonation staff let the car out without doing the simplest of diagnostics. Or, perhaps they knew the car didnt, or wouldnt pass muster and sold it to me anyway. Plus, dont ask me about how Autonation manages to drive the interest up when financing for customers so they can make a few extra thousand bucks on the transaction. Oh, they include a disclaimer as such; I apologize.

Well, theyre working on getting my "new" car fixed. Well see what happens.

BTW, I came up with dirt on my hands like you, and ended up a CEO of a film production consulting company. Too bad I wasnt in automotive, or I might have been able to do my own diagnosis just by listening to the engine and feeling vibrations that dont belong in a new car.
Gene Van Praag

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