Dear Mr. Jelink I am writing concerning the Hearing Aid Center at the Costco 501 W – W Craig Jelinek email address

Cheryl sent a message to W. Craig Jelinek President and Chief Executive Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation email address that said:

Dear Mr. Jelink
I am writing concerning the Hearing Aid Center at the Costco 501 W. Waterfront Drive W. Homestead PA 15102. I'€™ve been dealing with hearing aid problems with them for 8 months! I now want to return the latest pair of hearing aids and I'€™ve been told, I am 2 weeks past the 90 days and I will have to live with the constant squealing of my hearing aids! I have tried 3 different sizes of ear pieces, multiple adjustments, and they still give me problems. I asked to have custom ear pieces made and I was told €œthat won'€™t make a difference! With all of these problems I am appalled that my feet are being held to the fire, so to speak, and I was refused to be allowed to return these hearing aids!! Below is a timeline of events:
4/26/15 I ordered a pair of Rexton Hearing Aids $2599.98
5/5/15 picked up new hearing aids, almost immediately they started chirping. During this time I tried 3 different size ear pieces, this did not help! Had them adjusted, this did not help.
5/18/15 to 5/22/15 Back and forth to Costco about the same problem! The problem still continued. I asked to return the Rextons for another brand, the audiologist said NO! I said really? She said “yes really”!

5/27/15 Returned 1st pair and she ordered another pair of Rextons!
6/3/15 Received 2nd pair of Rextons. Through
8/3/15 the same problem continued! Went to have adjustment?
8/12/15 Called, same problem continues! Got appointment for 8/26/15 to return Rextons and order Kirkland S 6 Hearing Aids.
9/2/15 picked up new Kirkland Hearing Aids. 9/15/15 Called about hearing aids d squealing?? Went through all of the same problems as I encountered above! New ear pieces, multiple adjustments!
12/1/15 Called Costco about returning the hearing aids. I was told it was 2 weeks past the 90 days!! I told the audiologist again about the squealing, and she told me “I’ve never heard of that”!! Really?
Through October and November I became thoroughly disgusted because I was told that I will have to live with the squealing!! I became more angry during that time because the hearing aids would squeal so loud I would have hit my ear to stop it!! I am appalled Costco will not back up their products, and allow me to make a return, with my only being 2 weeks past the 90 days, especially when I’ve had nothing but problems that are not being fixed!

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