Dear Mr. Johnson,Today was my first experience with Fidelity as a customer and I – Edward Johnson III email address

Khoi sent a message to Edward Johnson, III – CEO of Fidelity Investment email address that said:

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Today was my first experience with Fidelity as a customer and I must say I am truly disappointed with the unprofessional customer service experience provided by Kyle.

I called in to request help in the generic enrollment online process. When Kyle asked me to answer an extensive number of questions for verification such as previous residential address, I did not feel comfortable providing someone on the phone such personal information, I decided to figure out the online enrollment process on my own. When I called back to schedule an one-on-one appointment, I found out that Kyle put a lock on my account for fraud risk and that I need to wait for a call from Kyle in order to have full access to my account. I was told that he will call within the hour and after 3 hours of waiting, I called Fidelity to request for a supervisor or manager to expedite the resolution so I can move forward with my contribution selection. I was told that only Kyle can unlock my account and no supervisor or manager would take my call.

First of, I feel very offended by the Kyle's un-professionalism for locking my account without my permission. Secondly, I do not want to deal with Kyle for future services. Thirdly, I do not appreciate waiting around for Fidelity to resolve this problem for hours and hours. Even if I appreciate the efforts Fidelity put in to protect my account, I do not appreciate being treat like a criminal and representative Kyle  retaliation. This is the main reason why I prefer the one-on-one customer service over the phone. I do hope you can expedite the resolution for my problem so I can move on with the business of my day.
Thank you,
Best regards,

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