Dear Mr. Joseph Jimenez. I would like to congratulate you and thank you for the – Joseph Jimenez email address

Pavel Pantoja sent a message to Joseph Jimenez CEO, Novartis International AG - email address that said:

Dear Mr. Joseph Jimenez.

I would like to congratulate you and thank you for the great work that science and technology do daily in the company under your direction, for research and work in order to contribute to the treatment and combat of diseases to provide a Better quality of life to the human being.

I hereby come to you through this medium in order to request with the utmost urgency of your assistance in providing information, ways, means or channels to which I must go to obtain medicines for the treatment of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which are within the portfolio of NOVARTIS products and in this specific case have been prescribed to my relatives under the following prescription:

• Miflonide 400 MCG (1 Inhaled Capsule every 12 hours)
• Foradil of 12 MCG, or Onbrize Breezhaler 300 MCG (1 Capsule inhaled every day)
• Seebri Breezhaler 50 MCG (1 capsule inhaled every day),

This request is due to the fact that at present all these medicines are exhausted nationally in all pharmacies and with an uncertain date of when they will be distributed to Venezuela, since they are not produced here. All this as a result of the serious economic crisis that my country is experiencing and in my personal opinion as a result of bad government policies and lack of many administrative controls in all aspects, which has led to its inhabitants at critical economic, Supply and all the triggers that affect a society.

I mention urgency in my need since it is known that COPD is a disease that does not have a definitive cure and that through the delivery of these drugs is controllable its evolution, avoiding accelerated degenerative patterns and prolonging the quality of life of the treated patient . This implies that each patient should seek treatment for life, either under these medications or under new medical prescriptions according to the results that the periodic evaluations of control are throwing.

My case in particular is pluralized by multiplying this need for three patients under the same diagnosis all within my closest parental circle, My Mother, My Aunt and My Godmother, Their names ZORADA MORENO, CLARET MORENO and MERCEDES ELENA BREA MARTINEZ, all of them Patients over 60 years and with more than 10 years of diagnosis of this disease.

The inexistence of the requested medicines, coupled with the absence of alternative or substitutive treatments, and the little or almost no inventory that these patients have, require me to request an aid that will allow me to provide them with peace of mind for at least the whole of 2017.
We will be very grateful for all the support you can give us, hoping that the result will be positive for this request.

Best regards.
Pavel Pantoja
Tel .: 0416-6366296

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