Dear Mr Joyce, On 30th January 2016 I booked flights on Qantas QF 8006 departing – Alan Joyce email address

Paula sent a message to Alan Joyce CEO, Qantas Airways Limited – email address that said:

Dear Mr Joyce,

On 30th January 2016 I booked flights on Qantas QF 8006 departing on 29th June 2016 to Sydney and returning on 6th September 2016 on QF 81. This was to be our first trip on Qantas and we were very much looking forward to it, as our son, a Qantas frequent flyer, had spoken so highly of your airline.

Unfortunately on 6th May, my husband was diagnosed with cancer on his liver, and after the results of his PET scan the following week, we were advised by his oncologist not to go. Feeling we had no choice, we cancelled our flights. The Flight Centre, the travel company that had booked our flight, arranged for us to get a refund of the unused taxes in the amount of £71.31 each.

Our travel insurance company was unable to give us any refund due to the nature of the cancer (ie it was secondary). At the moment, my husband is on a course of chemotherapy which will be followed by liver resection, and more chemotherapy. The prognosis is very optimistic, so we are hoping that sometime June 2017 we will be able to make our much hoped for trip to visit our family in Sydney. I am writing to ask if, under the circumstances, Qantas would be willing to offer us a credit towards our next flight.

I have attached the doctors certificate for your information. Please note that our doctor says, in the certificate, that the liver involvement is a new finding.

We hope you will be able to help us in some way.

With all best wishes

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