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Dear Mr Joyce, Qantas has just ruined my familys Christmas. We booked tickets to spend – Alan Joyce email address

Heather sent a message to Alan Joyce CEO, Qantas Airways Limited – email address that said:

Dear Mr Joyce,
Qantas has just ruined my family's Christmas. We booked tickets to spend time with elderly and unwell family members at Christmas, flying from Hong Kong to Auckland. We have been repeatedly issued with tickets by Qantas as part of an airline partner deal, and these are being reneged on daily by your staff, despite the fact we were given on the last occasion a personal guarantee that our tickets could not be cancelled. We only today ( after several daily cancellations) received any explanation as to why this was happening. We have had to buy last minute very expensive tickets we can't afford for a very truncated trip, just not to disappoint these family members.
The misinformation, lies and greed displayed by your Hong Kong office are despicable. I am amazed an Australian company could be so unprofessional.
I will never, ever fly with Qantas again.

Yours sincerely,


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