Dear Mr. Kaeser, Before I purchased the Gigaset S820A Duo last week I sent an – Joe Kaeser email address

Kim sent a message to Joe Kaeser President and CEO, Siemens A.G. that said:

Dear Mr. Kaeser,
Before I purchased the Gigaset S820A Duo last week I sent an email and asked if the phones were compatible with Apple Mac and was told "absolutely." After receiving and charging my phones, I attempted to download the software (which, to my disappointment, is unavailable). I tried to sync my HTX One with the phones and it said it was "Not Supported." I then tried to sync it to my iPhone and again it did not work (Not Supported). I emailed your support to ask for assistance and was told by Sasa Divac that "none of Gigaset units are compatible with any iPhone series", and "Bluetooth profile on iPhone series are only compatible with Mac products. There is no workaround on this issue." Really? No "workaround? Mr. Kaeser, you know that is not a true statement - and I am very disappointed in what I thought to be a superior brand name and product - Siemens. The iPhone makes up over 1/3 of the cell market and to be told the Gigasets are in fact not compatible with iPhones is...well, hard to believe. If they are not compatible with the iPhone (or HTC) you are clearly missing the market. Over the years I have had the following link-to-cell home phones connected to my iPhone and my HTC One: Panasonic, att and Uniden) and all were able to sync to the "bluetooth profile on iPhone series" as well as my HTC One. Without question, every company who makes link-to-cell home phones will connect to the iPhone and HTC protects. Well, maybe one company doesnt...

A Very Disappointed and perhaps soon to be an X-Customer,

Mr. Kim

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