Dear Mr. Kazuo, Hope this email finds you well. Please mind this rather unorthodox – Kazuo Hirai email address

Ayman Mihiar sent a message to Kazuo Hirai President and CEO, Sony Corporation - email address that said:

Dear Mr. Kazuo,

Hope this email finds you well. Please mind this rather unorthodox email from a regular client, half away around the world.

My name is Ayman Mihiar, Im writing to you from Charlotte, North Carolina - USA, regarding a discontinued model of one of your best TVs - Model Number KLV52x200A -kindly find below the full details.

We bought this set back in 2010 from overseas, and we paid $9,000 for it at that time, which was and still is a very high price for a TV set, but we decided to go for it only because it was Japanese made. Everything about it was Japanese - the parts, the assembly, the making, the warranty… we trust Japanese-made electronics and take pride of possessing them. We enjoyed that TV set for 7 years. And among our 4 other Sony TVs, this was our most favorite and most valuable; until an accident happened; our 3-year old threw a toy and it hit the TV; the TV screen got busted!

Believing that Sony Company would never fail their loyal clients, and that we will definitely find spare parts and fix it; we took the TV to a certified repair shop, who told us that this model has been discontinued - no spare parts were available anywhere, and our only option was to throw it away!

To be honest with you, I was saddened and very disappointed by the news… I couldnt believe that we were expected to put $9,000 down the drain! When we bought this TV we trusted that it was the right decision, because we knew, even if bad things happened, we will always get the best support and warranty from our most trusted manufacturer! Being left without solutions like that was very unexpected and disheartening. And this is when I decided to contact you directly; as to us its a matter of a company value and clients trust.

Im pretty sure that Sony can find us a solution; maybe if they can send us the spare parts if available somewhere else, or maybe a replacement of the whole TV if possible! Or even a credit towards a new set similar to the one we bought.

Thank you so much Mr. Kazuo for your help and understanding.

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