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Dear Mr. Kelly, could go on for pages and pages if we – Gary Kelly email address

Ella sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. that said:

Dear Mr. Kelly,
This "note" could go on for pages and pages if we were to thank you and highlight the many wonderful experiences we've had with Southwest Airlines.

What prompted me to write, though, was the need to recognize a most emplarary employee working in your Customer Relations Department down in Texas.

My husband, Graham, is an A-lister with your airlines and has (for the past 10 years) flown almost exclusively with you. I say that because, having been born and raised in Australia, he makes his annual trip back to visit all his family and flies Qantas --- since Southwest doesn't yet fly there (yet)! 🙂 Whether its for business or leisure, I always go to your Southwest website to book our travel.

On three occasions now we have had the need to make some travel changes. Because the circumstances were a little out of the ordinary I got in touch with your Customer Relations Dept. and was helped by a lady named Marty (I believe her last name is Goode but am not certain). She seemed so understanding, knowledgeable, helpful and upbeat -- I felt confident we were in good hands. She provided me with her extension number and told me to call back if there were any problems. Fortunately, I kept her number so when the need arose again for some extra help I prayed she was still an employee and could be reached at that extension. She was there and help again!

I wish there was a way I could send Marty flowers or do something to make her feel a little more special and appreciated. We think she's one of the best!

I'm sure the CEO of any complany receives his or her fair share of complaints; however, they should also know when good things are happening. You have a really "good thing" in Marty! We thought it was important to take the time to share that with you and hope you get the opportunity to meet her (if you don't already know her). She's someone special!

Thanks for your time.


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