Dear Mr. Kelly,My wife and I have been flying Southwest for years out of – Gary Kelly email address

Steven Abeles sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. email address that said:

Dear Mr. Kelly,
My wife and I have been flying Southwest for years out of MacArthur/Islip to Orlando Airport. I have to say, We have enjoyed your Airline and its service, until now!! The last flight we flew, on Jan. 26th, 610pm, flt#461 to Orlando there was a very rude flight attendant with an abusive attitude toward the your customers and myself. A person in my row and myself were waiting for the people to get past us to get to there seating and we had our bags in our hands to put overhead after everyone got past us in the isle. The flight attendant quickly came over and said we need to put our bags overhead.I was aware of that and I told him we will. He came back and slapped his hand on the sign and said ,READ THIS. At that, I said you are being rude. He then said to me, would you like to take a later flight!. He then went out of the aircraft and went to his supervisor and asked him to remove me from the aircraft. The supervisor then came on the aircraft and spoke with me to see if I was a problem, he quickly realized I knew protocall and that I was upset with the flight attendants rudeness and actions. I believe this employee should be re-trained and to be more considerate to your customers. The customers around my wife and myself were very upset with this flight attendant. If you read this ,please respond to my email, thank you.

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