Dear Mr. Kelly,My wife, Shirley and I are avid flyers of Southwest, and as – Gary Kelly email address

Jack Lardis sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. email address that said:

Dear Mr. Kelly,

My wife, Shirley and I are avid flyers of Southwest, and as I am 86 years old, I find your planes comfortable and your flexible cancellation policy helpful as I am undergoing some major medical issues that have required an unplanned rescheduling.
On February 15th I was scheduled to fly from Bradley Airport to Detroit Metro via Baltimore for a family visit. In this case I was flying alone as my wife was not available to accompany me. My flight #356 was at 5:40AM and due to a traffic issue I was 5-minutes late for securing my ticket and boarding pass. A very helpful lady at the wheelchair desk took it upon herself to take my ticket to the desk and got me on the next flight to Detroit via Chicago Midway. I wish I had gotten her name as she was very helpful. I dont know the flight number, as I did not receive a copy because the original was retained at the gate.
Now the nightmare begins. Chicago was fogged in and we flew to Milwaukee for gas. After two hours of waiting on the plane, the flight was cancelled. I waited over twenty-minutes for a chair and the staff directions were a bit confusing about luggage pick up, where to go for a shuttle to Midway, etc. Had I known that the shuttle meant a bus with over a two-hour ride, I would have asked for another solution. When I got on the bus I thought it was taking me to another terminal for a “shuttle flight.” My mistake. I miss things at my age.
When we arrived at Midway, the terminal was filled with long lines everywhere. By this time I was beginning to feel a bit ill and finally found someone to arrange for a wheelchair. I was taken to the counter and the agent saw my distress and managed to get me on the 10:15PM Flight #242 to Detroit. I asked if there were any accommodations for the six-hour layover as I was very tired, but it seemed that it was under renovations. When I was younger, I have slept at an airport because of weather delays, but at my age, it is not easy. We arrived in Detroit at 12:25AM and I was met at the airport and finally arrived at my familys home about 1:40AM.
Why this long description as Southwest was managing the issues as best as it could? During this very fatiguing process, the Southwest staff was always cordial and helpful. My thankful hat is off to them. However, when the flight was cancelled, things did not run smoothly as the staff seemed uncertain and the next step was sketchy in that they did not give specific directions like what gate or counter to go to for rebooking. I guess because I was traveling by wheelchair and I was the last to deplane, I may have missed some of the information. Still, as a partial invalid, the twenty-hour trip was quite stressful. I commend the Southwest staff for helping the disabled, except for the cancellation issue and logistics.
Jack Lardis

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