Dear Mr.Kevin , How are you ? I really hope you’re doing fine . Since , most – Kevin Tsujihara email address

Crazyking819 sent a message to Kevin Tsujihara – CEO, Warner Bros. – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr.Kevin ,

How are you ? I really hope you're doing fine . Since , most of your movies have been not so good at the box office . The reason for this message is not mockery ; but this is just a job application . I'm just a 14 year old boy . I'll admit that your 'Warner Bros. Writers Workshop' specifically states that we should be 18 years old or more . I believe I can write scripts that can put you guys back on track , I myself have written 78+ scripts . Although it is not what you'd call as excellent , it does need a few finishing touches here and there but excluding those their excellent (also excluding some of my clumsy mistakes).

I know at this point you might be thinking "This kid is definitely insane"but I must reveal a fact to you : that I have an I.Q of 'It's-higher-than-170'. So , if you're interested you should not call me (for really complicated reasons I cannot reveal as to why) but please be free to send me as many e-mails as you would like . Again, you can think I'm crazy and let go of this 'insane-kid' but what are you going to do when your trusted screen writers migrate to Disney ? (I won't definitely go because I grew up with The Looney Tunes show).

Yours Sincerely ,

P.S :- For crying out loud cancel the show 'Gotham' it's god-awful . You'd have to be mentally retarded to watch that piece of garbage you call show . The reason for this is ; your destroying a perfectly good city with your god-awful show , I mean come on we really don't need to know anything about secret organizations and all . All we Bat-fans need is a good show that speaks about "Batman's the best . And Marvel can just suck it."

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