Dear Mr. King, I understand your time is valuable so I would like to provide – Kelly S King email address

Gene sent a message to Kelly S. King – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. King,

I understand your time is valuable so I would like to provide you with a brief background of the situation. I’ve been a customer with BBT since BBT purchased First Citizens Bank, i.e. formerly Newnan Savings Bank, Newnan Federal Savings Loan for 35+ years. Prior to BBT purchasing First Citizens Bank I was the banks staff appraiser. After the sale I continued to perform appraisals and had always considered both business and personal relationships with BBT to be positive. Recently (04/29/2016) I contacted Carly Johns @ the BBT Bullsboro Dr location in Newnan about a HELOC loan on our personal residence located @ 458 Macedonia Road Newnan, GA. As a former small business owner and real estate investor I’ve weathered the economic uncertainty of the not-too-distant past and made sure my name was never in the Newnan Times Herald legal ads section. I might have been a few days late here and there but never missed a payment on any account, and I have never filed bankruptcy, never sold anything as a short sale, etc. I understand everything is run out of North Carolina and DC and you specific have guidelines that must be followed but I feel my overall credit history is being discounted and the underlining compensating factors unique to my history with BBT are not being taken into account. Please review my loyal and honorable history with BBT. Income aside I’m never late, and have always been on time. I have personal references associated with BBT that you are perfectly welcomed to verify with, Yetta Richardson, Mitchie Vaughn. Andreanna McGinty, Don Phillips, Retired, and Bobby Blakely, the South Atlanta Regional President that I saw at the Masters last year with Chip Barron and Don Phillips. You have my permission to contact Mr. J. Littleton Glover, Jr. a character reference.

After 25+ years as a fee appraiser in 2011 I accepted a position as a review appraiser with the VA. In 2014 I accepted a position with HUD as a review appraiser. I was recently promoted to the position of Senior Review Appraiser with HUD. My annual salary as a GS-13-Step 1 is $88,305. I have net rental income of $12,960 so my gross is $101,265 and I can’t get an answer.

I have submitted to Ms. Johns all requested documents and have not received a response since 06/23/2016. I have submitted bank statements showing 129K on deposit with BofA.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,


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