Dear Mr. Lampert – I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with both a – Edward Lampert email address

Jill Slominski, MD sent a message to Edward Lampert - Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings - Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Lampert - I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with both a Sears Product and service. I purchased a Kenmore gas range top May 2016. By July 2017, it was not working correctly. I scheduled service repair online (very convenient, great idea). Service technician came out, made diagnosis, and said I would need a follow up appointment to install a part that would have to be ordered. The technician told me the date (8/7) and I arranged my work schedule accordingly. I then received multiple emails/texts stating a different date of 8/8. I called the 800# to verify appointment time - was told it was definitely 8/8. I asked the representative to please double-check with the local service agent and let me know -she assured me that someone would call back to confirm. That never happened. So I re-arranged my schedule to be home on 8/8. Got a text message at 7:30am on 8/7 saying the technician would arrive that day. You can imagine my frustration. I have had to call MULTIPLE times trying to get this appointment rescheduled/resolved... Phone staff seemed entirely incompetent, did not listen, just kept giving me canned answers that were meaningless. I finally gave up trying to talk with someone and rescheduled on line for 8/25 - I hope this appointment will actually manifest as planned. All this for a very lightly-used range top that malfunctioned in just over 1 year (what happened to your quality?). I had to pay over $250 for this terrible service and a part that looks like it cost less than $5 (literally plastic pieces and wires weighing a few ounces). I have lost complete faith in Sears - which is sad - always felt like it was a good company. Not anymore. I will not be purchasing from Sears again... Your business will fail with service like this.

Jill Slominski, MD
Albuquerque, NM

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