Dear Mr Lampert, I have a terrible situation arising from the purchase of a Die – Edward Lampert email address

Beth sent a message to Edward Lampert – Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings – Email Address that said:

Dear Mr Lampert,

I have a terrible situation arising from the purchase of a Die Hard Gold battery at the Sears Auto Center in Metairie, Louisiana. I will keep this as brief as possible, as you may refer to Case Number 4192045.

I purchased the battery which worked for a few weeks then - without warning - stopped working. I brought the battery back to the store where, I am told, it tested neither "good," nor "bad." I had to leave the battery for several hours of testing. When I returned, I was told the battery was fine. I was never shown any paperwork with the testing results.

When I asked to speak with the manager a man named Brian told me he was the manager. This is the man who I believe "targeted" me when I went into the store. As I was speaking with a technician, he - from across the store - constantly interrupted both the technician and me. Even my 86-year-old mother stated, "he's got it in for you." This is when I found out Brian is a liar. The technician said "he's the assistant manager, but says hes the manager."

This liar then came over and called me "darling." Needless to say, I am not his "darling." I am a 61-year-old college graduate and business owner. I VERY STRONGLY informed him I was not, am not, and never would be his "darling." Is that a professional way to address a customer? Would he have addressed a male customer in that manner?

Also, there may have been racism on the part of Brian. I was the only white face in the building. Brian and his co-workers are African-American, as were two other customers. An African-American woman came in and Brian declared her battery "bad," while the white woman was told to take her "used" battery and "go home."

Brian has demonstrated to me that he is a liar, is sexist, and is racist. Yet, I am the paying customer who is being forced to jump through hoops!

After being told to "go home," I called Sears Corporate Office - from the Auto Center - and filed a complaint. I spent two hours in the store speaking with Sears to file a complaint. It appears there is no way to file complaints easily, except for the retail side. Finally I was told to take my battery, go home and wait 24-48 hours for a reply.

After 24-hours I called again. I was told the store manager was on sick leave and would not receive the email, but that it would go to the district manager. After 48-hours, I called again. This time I was told the information had not been sent to the district manager. However, now that 48-hours had passed, it would be sent to the district manager; who now has 48-72 hours to reply. I was told I was "impatient," and had to follow Sears policy whether or not I liked the policy!

Where did we loose sight that I AM THE PAYING CUSTOMER? I am the person who paid for the battery. Sears gladly took my $141 ... thus completing a contract with me, the buyer. Additionally, the sales receipt clearly states "36 Month Full Replacement Warranty." I purchased the battery on 3/3/2016 ... well within the 36-month replacement period.

To me, this is a no brainer: either replace the battery, or return my $141. If I had purchased a washer which didnt work there would be a return/replacement. If I had purchased a dress there would be a return/replacement. I have the receipt. Why cant there be a return/replacement?

Why am I left at the mercy of these procedures. Im the one who paid the money, went to the store twice, and have made numerous telephone calls to Sears Corporate Office. I am the paying customer to whom an employee demonstrated his dishonesty, his disregard for respecting women, and his penchant against white customers. I'm also the one who is unable to drive her car.

I am a former journalist and could have all four local TV stations and two local newspapers outside the store interviewing me about the liar, sexist, and racist assistant manager; and this absurd policy of waiting 24-48 hours, 48-72 hours, or escalation to another level. I have told Sears reps that I would do that. However, I would rather resolve this peacefully. Either give me a new battery, or return my money.

I ask for your immediate assistance with this matter. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, I remain,


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