Dear Mr. Lampert, I have been having 5 service technicians coming to my home in – Edward Lampert email address

LUPE sent a message to Edward Lampert  Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings  Email Address that said:

Dear Mr. Lampert,
I have been having 5 service technicians coming to my home in the past month and half. The technicians have come regarding my Maytag refrigerator freezer that has condensation and ice forming on the glass pane over the crisper, on a daily basis. This appliance was bought at Sears and has a service contract on it. The techs say the same thing they don't know what is causing it and can't fix it since origin is unknown for the condensation and ice . This is a daily occurrence in my fridge. I talked to Margaret on Monday of this week at the Sears Executive Customer service . She said she would send another senior tech to come and check the appliance he came by yesterday same thing nothing can be done. A person named Joe at the Service repair dept. had my tech that came yesterday to take pictures of contents of my fridge to see if the food in my fridge was causing the problem ! I mean if after having 5 techs tell me the same thing they can't fix it since they don't know what is causing it what I was told by Margaret was after this last visit yesterday by the tech that they would put in the works a form to get a replacement for my appliance after having so many techs come to my home. I have always bought all my major appliances there at Sears and they all have had service contracts on them. This is the first time that I haven't had any satisfaction of my issue that can't be resolved. I therefore can tell you I called the executive customer service and was told that another tech my 6th would be coming to check my unit tomorrow 4-8-16 between 8-12. I ask for as a lifelong customer would you be satisfied with a refrigerator that formed ice and condensation on a daily basis and that was as good as it gets, and I just have to deal with that ? Just asking the company I have done business with for over 25 years to replace my appliance be it do to a defect or the lemon law. I purchased this appliance and it being the most expensive appliance that I have ever purchased in good faith .Thank you Mr. Lampert, for your time and consideration regarding my matter.

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